Module 1: Introduction of algorithm

Module 2 : Introduction to Scratch Platform

Module 3 : Introduction to Block Programming

Module 4 : Introduction of animation making using scratch

Module 5: Short story making

Module 6 : Long story making

Module 7 : How to make space war game using scratch

Module 8 : How to make basketball game using scratch

Module 9 :How to make road crossing game using scratch

Module 10 : How to add video extension and make a game using video extension

Lesson 1 :About Default Screen of Scratch

Default Screen of Scratch

This is a Default Screen of Scratch, here some main interface or Tools are available. By using these tools we can make our Animation, Games, or Create a Story.

In this default Screen, the main Areas are: –

  • Sprite
  • Stage 
  • Sprites Area
  • Programming Area (Script Area)
  • Blocks Categories
  • Blocks Palette