Module 1: Introduction of algorithm

Module 2 : Introduction to Scratch Platform

Module 3 : Introduction to Block Programming

Module 4 : Introduction of animation making using scratch

Module 5: Short story making

Module 6 : Long story making

Module 7 : How to make space war game using scratch

Module 8 : How to make basketball game using scratch

Module 9 :How to make road crossing game using scratch

Module 10 : How to add video extension and make a game using video extension



  • About Default Screen of Scratch
  • Main components of Scratch Default Screen
  • Block Categories like motion, control etc.
  • Cartoon character making for stories – Doremon face creation
  • Backdrop making for stories – Mountain and River creation

This is a Default Screen of Scratch, here some main interface or Tools are available to using these tools we can make our A

In this default Screen the main Areas are: –

  • Sprite
  • Stage 
  • Sprites Area
  • Programming Area (Script Area)
  • Blocks Categories
  • Blocks Palette

Main Components of Scratch Default Screen



Sprite is a small graphical character that performs an action in a scratch project to make an Animation, story & game.

The cat 🙀 is a Default Sprite in a Scratch software.



A backdrop is an image that can be shown on the Stage. It is similar to a costume, except that it is shown on the stage instead. They are located in the backdrop library.




This is the main working area, where the sprite moves & performs an action as we give any instructions.

Here we can watch our Stories, Play Game, & run Scratch Project that we have created. 

The Stage is Divided into X & Y coordinates, this coordinate indicates the position of the sprite on the Stage.



This area is called sprite area, here we Add, Create, Upload, and Capture a Sprite for our Animation, Game, and Story, or choose a background for the stage.


This is also called script Area; this is a place where we create a script for a sprite to do a particular task.

The script is created by Dragging the instructions from the Script blocks and Dropping them step wise (Block-by-Block wise).

The collection of creating Script is also called a program.  



The Script categories are the collection of Script Blocks by their working function.

The script categories are….

  1. Motion: – these categories are included with all the motion blocks for the Sprites.
  2. Looks: – these categories are included with all the graphical looks for the sprite. 
  3. Sound: – these categories are included with Add the Sound in the Animation or the Story.
  4. Events: – these categories are included with all the Events for the animation to start or to create any event of the sprite.
  5. Control: – these categories are included with all the control Blocks to which we can  control the Sprites by using different types of control Blocks.
  6. Sensing: – these categories are included with all the sensing Block, to feel senses in the Sprite.
  7. Operators: – these categories are included with all the Mathematical operations Block.
  8. Variables: – here we can make our variables for game, or animation.
  9. My Blocks: – here we can make new programmable Blocks.

All these categories are including the set of Programmable Blocks by their categories name.



The Block Palette are the Collection of programmable Block by their Categories,


Cartoon character making for stories – Doremon face creation                                                                                                    

Each object in Scratch is called a Sprite. To add a new Sprite, click either the buttons beside NEW SPRITE. Choose from the library, paint your own sprite, upload your own image or sprite, or take a picture (from a webcam). You can drag the objects to wherever you want.

One of the most useful aspects of the paint editor is the ability to use it to change the color of sprites. Not a fan of the yellow cat? Want to make a black cat for Halloween? Easy; just use a combination of the paint bucket and paint brush tools!

If you want to create your own Sprite in Scratch so you just have to use the PAINT EDITOR and then you can create whatever you want.



Backdrop making for stories – Mountain and River creation

Backdrops are edited in the PAINT EDITOR. They are found in the backdrops tab in the Stage. New backdrops can be chosen from the library, painted, uploaded, or chosen as a surprise. When a new backdrop is painted, one can change the color, the size of the brush, or one can use the paint bucket tool to fill in lots of space. One can also create shapes such as squares and circles. When one chooses a backdrop one can pick from 85 different backdrops. One can also edit those backdrops and draw on them.

If you want to create your own Backdrop in Scratch so you have to use the paint option and then you can create whatever BACKDROP you want.