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All in one Robotics Kit


All in one robotics kit

This ALL IN ONE Robotics Kit is a Kit for Beginners, who want to learn the basics of electronics and want to gain knowledge about Microcontrollers. This Kit consists of all the components that you need for making a simple project and turn your ideas into reality using NovBrain which is a microcontroller board and is easy to learn and program. This is user friendly and platform-independent. The manual can be found here.

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Projects that can be made with the Kit:

  1. LED Sequencing
  2. Smart Traffic Light
  3. Burglar Alarm
  4. Temperature Monitoring Device
  5. Visitor Counter
  6. Smart Car parking System
  7. Distance/Height measuring device
  8. Line following robot
  9. Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  10. Table Runner Car


How to Install Novation Brain (Board)

Board Manager Installation

Follow the following steps to add the board in Arduino IDE software.

This installation  method requires Arduino IDE version 1.8.1 or greater.

  1. Open the Arduino IDE software,
  2. Now for programming the board using the software you need to add the board first.
  3. Click on File-> Preferences
  4. Enter the following URL (or Link) in Additional Boards Manager URLs: https://novation.ai/robotics-diy/Cadxcore.json
  5. And Press OK
  6. Now Go to Tools-> Boards -> Boards manager
  7. Type Cadxcore in the search bar of board manager.
  8. Install the Cadxcore board.
  9. Now again Go to Tools-> Boards -> Cadxcore and select Novbrain
  10. Now the board is ready to use and program.