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Introduction to TinkerCad Circuit Design


Circuit Designing 

Tinkeracad Circuit Designing

  • You will be learning the fundamentals of Robotics, using Tinkercad – the joyful programming and electronics simulator tool designed by Autodesk.
  • We will learn how to program the Arduino, how to use sensors, actuators, and all the way to creating real-life electronic circuits. We’ll learn by actually practicing and analyzing real applications. The course is mainly focused on not only giving technical details but also providing real applications to explain the importance of robotics.
  1. We are going to start understanding microcontrollers, especially Arduino, and then we will jump right into creating our first circuit and learn the basics of electrical engineering.
  2. We will learn how LED lights works and how they are programmed and controlled.
  3. We will learn what is a sensor and we will make a distance measurement device.

Name of the organizer 
# Novation Hub Private Limited / We aspire to make all your dreams a reality! Here we understand that it takes knowledge and courage to build your own projects and be a proud DEVELOPER!


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