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Quad Robot


The quad robot kit is a diy kit which is easy to build, sturdy and is compatible with our other products. The kit is modular and can be equipped with multiple sensors for various uses.

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Description and contents:

Quad robots are robots with insect like mechanism. They stand on 4 legs and display motion of that of a spider. These motions allow it to scale heights such as small stairs which normal robots are unable to do. Our kit provides an insight into one of such mechanisms. The quad robot kit developed by Novation Hub Pvt Ltd is completely modular and is compatible with a series of our products. Different products from our shop can be attached to it to make it comply with various functions and define its uses. The kit also boasts a wireless module and the robot can be controlled though our app making it very easy to use. Also the kit is pre coded, there is no requirement for coding skills, its plug and play, though it can also be coded by the user as per his requirement.

The kit Contains:
1 Central processor with USB cable – 1
2 Plastic chassis – 1
3 Servo motor SG90 – 8
4 HC-05 Bluetooth Module – 1
5 Jumper wire set – 1
6 Nut, Bolt and Spacer Set – 1

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 31 × 20 × 6.6 cm